Why Russia wants China in G7 Expansion


Konstantin Kosachev
The Russian lawmaker also said Moscow (capital of Russia) wasn’t enthusiastic about US (United States) President Donald Trump’s invite to 4 countries, including Russia and India, for G-7 as it didn’t want to join any bloc or alliance against China. Why Russia wants China in G7 Expansion


“Trump wants to get a number of countries together for some form of joint opposition to China…that’s the current strategy of the Americans. I am absolutely against building any bloc or coalition aimed against a third country,” he added.


India has deep political engagement with Russia and China through various international groups
(For example — BRICS, G 20, SCO and RIC)


So if both Russia and China have openly called the G-7 expansion to be anti-China then it will impact India’s relations with both Russia and China in the long run, if India does indeed become a G — 7 expansion country


First, the Russia-China partnership is an outcome of their shared dissatisfaction with American hegemony.
Both Russia and China oppose the U.S.-led liberal hegemony as it does not take their interests into account.


For instance, NATO’s and the EU’s eastward enlargement triggered Russia’s threat perception, leading to the Georgia War and Ukraine crisis.

The Chinese government, meanwhile, blames Washington for Hong Kong’s protests and bitterly resents recurring arms deals with Taiwan. Russia and China also opposed the U.S.-led military campaigns against Serbia, Iraq, and Libya.

Both Moscow and Beijing believe that the United States’ unilateralism poses significant threats to their sovereignty and interests.

The Russian government said it planned to increase the volume of bilateral trade with China to $200 billion by 2024, while the volume of Russian-Indian trade is expected to reach $30 billion over the same period.
Right now bilateral trade between Russia and India 15-06-2020 is around 12 – 14 billion dollars.


Russia and China (both nations) started holding joint naval drills in 2012 And it’s not just limited to the Pacific Ocean, they are doing so in other seas like south china sea. The two navies conducted a joint navy drill for the first time in the Mediterranean Sea in 2015. They also exercised for the first time in the Baltic Sea in 2017.

1n September 2018, Russia and China conducted their largest joint military exercise in eastern Siberia.Around 3 lakh Russian troops, 36,000 tanks, armoured vehicles and other military vehicles were accompanied by 3,200 Chinese troops armed with 900 tanks.

Russia has supplied the advanced Su-35 fighter jets to China and is pushing China to buy more. It is also poke China to buy its stealth Su-57 fighter jets, although China has its own stealth fighter, the J-20, and it is also developing another stealth fighter, the FC-3 I. Russia (Federation) also supplies China with jet engines because China continues to struggle in developing reliable jet engines of its own.

Russia has supplied China with the S-400 air defence system for which even India has placed an order for, the deliveries of which are expected to start later this year. But even before the systems are exported to India, China has already fielded the S-400 in the ShaheenVIII exercise it conducted with Pakistan in August 20 I 9.


Overall Russia — China ties have deepened way more than India would have liked
This will put pressure on India to carefully conduct its relations with the G — 7 countries, unless India wants to begin souring relations with both Russia and China. Why Russia wants China in G7 Expansion