Chinese billionaire and co-founder of Alibaba Group, Jack ma has not been seen in public since October by 2020. At the same time the billionaire had hit out against the ruling communist Regime in China. Where is Jack Ma Reasons behind Disappearance


The speculation around the founder of Alibaba Group, recently Jack Ma peaked after he failed to appear in the final episode of his own Talent Show Africa’s business heroes. The Talent show aimed to provide a space to the African entrepreneurs in competing for $1.5 million price. Jack ma was replaced by an Alibaba executive in the finals of the show.

Recent Chinese govt actions against Jack ma and his Enterprises

  • In December by 2020, the market Watchdog of China began investigating alleged anti competition practices of Alibaba Group. Rectification plan for Jack Ma’s fintech venture and group has been laid out.
  • The people’s Bank of China (central bank of the People’s Republic of China ) has summoned and group for regulatory Talks. The people’s bank has also announced a sleeping plan for the fintech form to rectify it regulatory violations.
  • Chinese Communist Party had suspended the Ant Group $37 billion Initial Public Offer (IPO). The IPO was halted just before 48 hours of its listing on Hong kong and Shanghai stock exchange.

Alibaba’s investments in India

The investment of Alibaba in India includes Paytm, Zomato (food delivery startup), Snapdeal (e-commerce company), big basket (online grocery supermarket), Xpressbees (Logistic firm).

About Jack Ma

Jack Ma or Ma Yun is an English school teacher turned entrepreneur. As of July by 2020, Jack Ma is of net worth of $48.2 billion and is the second wealthiest person in the China. In the year 1994, He started his first company Hangzhou Haibo translation agency. In 1995, Jack Ma started a website call China Yellow Pages with the help of his friends. In 1999 he launched Alibaba Group. In 2012 the online transaction volume of Alibaba Group exceeded $1 trillion you won’t. Jack Ma founded a business school in the year 2016. Jack Ma stepped down from the board of Alibaba in September by 2019.

Where is Jack Ma Reasons behind Disappearance