According to the study, Spring Equinox or “Vernal Equinox” it will fall on 20th March 2021. It will technically be occurring at 9.37 in the morning.

20th March is the most common date for the Spring Equinox. However, it can occur on any date between 19 to 21 March. The 20th March is considered as the first day of the spring as per the astronomical calculation of the seasons. The date is based on the two equinoxes and solstices. The astronomical spring will end on 21st June 2021 which is called as the summer solstice.


  • The Equinoxes have got their name from the Latin word for the equal night.
  • It marks the two points in a year when equator is the closest part of Earth to sun.
  • In the vernal equinox, the northern and southern hemispheres will share the sunlight equally.
  • It means that the planet gets 12 hours of daylight and darkness during those days.
  • This is also complicated by the Earth’s atmosphere affecting the way the sunlight is seen through.
  • The northern or the southern hemisphere points more towards the sun which in turn brings the warmer temperatures of spring and summer for the 6 months in each year.

Vernal Equinox

The Vernal Equinox or Northward equinox in the common year, the computed time slippage time is about 5 hours 49 minutes later compared to the previous year. On the flip side, it is about 18 hours 11 minutes in a leap year earlier compared to the previous year. To balance the increases in the common years against the losses of leap years, the calendar date of March equinox drifts in between the 19th and 21st March.  In astronomy, the March equinox is considered as the zero point of the sidereal time. It is also considered as a reference for calendars and celebrations in several human cultures and religions.