Recently Russian Dictator and President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin signed a new legislation that will allow him to stay in power till the 2036. The Russian leader had already been in power for more than 20 years. And he is now 68 years old.


According to the previous Russian constitution, Vladimir Putin should have stepped down after his second consecutive term that is to end in 2024. Now, with the new constitutional amendment, he can stay in power till the year 2036.

In the year 2020, Russians voted for constitutional amendments that will allow Putin to recontest after 2024. Majority voted in favour of the amendment.

Why the changes?

According to Article 81 of the Constitution of Russia, the same person cannot hold the office of President more than 2-terms in a row. Vladimir Putin was elected as a president since 2012 and again re-elected as president in the year 2018. Putin will now stay in power till 2024. The term of a president in Russia is 6-years.

What are the changes made to the Russian Constitution?

The new constitutional amendment has not changed the 2-term limit. However, it has removed the words “in a row”. With this, Putin will be able to run for President elections for another 2-terms under the new constitutional amendment.

2020 Referendum

A Constitutional referendum was held in the year 2020. In this referendum, 79 per cent of the voters supported the changes to the constitution.
The amendments increased the powers of advisory bodies and State councils. Bottom line, the amendments tightened Putin’s grip over Russia.

New Russian Legislation signed by President Putin