Recently, Google workers from all around the globe have formed an international union called the “Alpha Global”. The new union has been named after Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc. The Global union was formed in coordination with UNI Global Union.

Alpha Global

  • The Global union comprises of 13 different unions.
  • These 13 unions represent the workers in 10 countries like USA, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, and the UK.
  • The grouping has been formed with the aim to build a more ethical and accountable company.
  • The Global union also aims to bring together the direct Alphabet employees besides the temporary, vendor, and contract workers.
  • For now, Alpha Global will not have a legally binding agreement with the company.

Need of Global Union

The problems created by Alphabet Inc. are not limited to any one country. It is problematic to all of them. These problems can easily be addressed on a global level. Formation of such global Unions will help in finding solutions.

Alphabet Workers Union

The alphabet workers union was launched by the USA and Canada. It is a minority union. It initially had over 200 workers affiliated with the Communications Workers of America. Within a week, Alphabet Workers Union grew to over 700 members.

The UNI Global Union

UNI Global Union was earlier known as the Union Network International. It is a global union federation for skills and services. It helps in gathering the national and regional trade unions. UNI Global Union is based in Nyon, Switzerland. This union federation represents more than 20 million workers from over 150 different countries in the skills and services sectors. The union represents the Cleaning & Security, Graphical & Packaging, Hair & Beauty, Information, Communication, Technology and Services Industry. It also includes the Media, post and logistics, Entertainment and Arts, Private Care and Social Insurance, Women and Youth.

What is the Alpha Global Union