Automobile manufacturer Porsche has recently joined with Siemens Energy AG (Germany) to produce eFuel by the 2022. The project of eFuel production is called Haru Oni project. It is based in Chile due to its windy climate. The joint project aims to produce 130,000 litres of eFuel by the 2022. Later this is to be increased to 550 million by the 2026.

Points To Note

  • Water is separated into hydrogen (H) and oxygen (O2) using wind generated electricity.
  • The hydrogen is then combined with the carbon dioxide (CO2) filtered from the air to form methanol.
  • The methanol is then converted into gasoline using ExxonMobil licensed technology.
  • The eFuel shall be used in any cars.
  • The cost of production of eFuel is $10 per litre. Over time, this is expected to come down to $2 per litre.
  • The eFuel is a kind of Electro Fuel.

About Electro Fuels

They are the emerging class of carbon neutral fuels. They are also called Synthetic fuels. They are seen as an alternative to biofuels. They are made by storing electrical energy from renewable sources in chemical bonds of liquid of gas fuels.

Other Electro Fuels

  • Audi (German automobile manufacturer) is working on E-gasoline synthetic fuel. It is a liquid iso octane fuel. It is a carbon-neutral fuel. Also, E-Gasoline is free from sulphur and benzene.
  • Audi is also working on E-diesel. E-diesel is also called Synthetic diesel. It is created from CO2, electricity and water with a process powered by renewable energy. This creates liquid energy carrier called blue crude (just like crude oil). The blue crude is refined to get e-diesel.

What are e-Fuel What are e-Fuel