Recently Joe Biden, the President of United States of America has revoked the emergency order that was issued by former President Donald Trump to construct the US-Mexico border wall. The order was revoked on 11th February 2021 by Biden Administration.

Points To Note

  • Joe Biden revoked the order given by former President Trump by announcing that it shall be the policy of the new administration that American taxpayers’ money will not be diverted to construct a border wall now at the United States of America’ border with Mexico.
  • President Biden will also direct a careful review of all the resources that have been appropriated or redirected for this purpose.


  • The idea to construct a United States-Mexico border was put forward by the former President Trump in the year 2016 during the presidential campaign trail.
  • After this, Donald Trump had been repeatedly asking Mexico to pay for the construction of the border wall.
  • In 2019, Trump administration had signed the executive order that declared the national emergency so as to build United States-Mexico border wall. This order was passed on 15th February 2019. The national emergency was announced after repeated clash with the lawmakers with respect to the funding for the project.
  • Later in 2020 during COVID-19 Pandemic, the Customs and Border Protection reported that it had found $11 billion as fund in order to construct the wall.
  • Following that, the American Civil Liberties Union challenged the $2.5 billion in Department of Defense spending that was diverted to the complete construction of the US-Mexico wall.
  • After that, the proclamation of national emergency landed the Trump’s administration in court.

Mexico–US barrier or border wall

The border wall is a series of vertical barriers at the Mexico–USA border. This border seeks to reduce the illegal immigration from the Mexico to the USA from Mexico. The barrier is not a continuous structure. It is a series of obstructions comprising of the fences or walls. Along the border, security is provided by virtual fence of cameras, sensors, and other surveillance equipment.

US revokes order on US-Mexico Border Wall Project US revokes order on US-Mexico Border Wall Project