US shifting military to face Chinese threat to India


Pompeo was asked why the US had reduced the number of troops it has based in Germany.
The United States of America Secretary of State MIKE POMPEO said that if USA troops were no longer there, it was because they were being moved to face other places in Asia. The actions of the People’s Republic of China Communist Party meant there were “threats to India” and nations such as Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines and the South China Sea. The USA military is “postured appropriately” to meet these “challenges of our time”, he said.


Mutual logistics support for each other’s armed forces (Logistics Exchange Memorandum of Agreement or LEMOA) — enabling access to advanced technologies from the US, and an agreement (Communications Compatibility and Security Agreement or COMCASA) to facilitate US defence companies to partner with the Indian private sector for defence manufacturing (ISA or Industrial Security Annexe to the General Security of Military Information Agreement — GSOMIA).


In order to increase pressure on China India must invest in navy as most of the Indo-Pacific militarization is happening in the seas


The Indian Navy is working on a mega project plan to significantly boost its operational capability by inducting new warships, submarines and aircraft besides expand its overall influence in the strategic maritime zones
Under the plan, the India Navy aims to have 200 ships, 500 aircraft and 24 attack submarines, they said. At present, the Navy has around 132 ships, 220 aircraft and 15 submarines.

US shifting military to face Chinese threat to India US shifting military to face Chinese threat to India