The United States House of Representatives passed Bipartisanship legislation to de-escalate the situation along LAC (Line of Actual Control).

The de-escalate act slammed People’s Republic of China aggression against India in the Galwan Valley (Aksai Chin region). Act also censure the growing territorial assertiveness in and around South China Sea.

Throw Back

Indian and Chinese armed forces were locked in stand off along several areas of Aksai Chin region. It cover Pangong Tso lake, Gogra, hot springs, Galwan valley.

National Defence Authorization Act

The United States of America has passed the National Defence Authorisation Act Next Year (2021) criticize the Chinese aggressions globally. The resolution of the act was brought in by U.S. Representative Subramanian Raja Krishnamoorth.

Concerns of the United States

Reports from United States, PRC has border issues with border sharing nations. Mainland China share International Border with 14 countries. China share largest border with India and Russia.

Mainland China claims all part South China Sea as part of its territory. According to United Nations Convention on the Law South China Sea also belongs to Malaysia, Brunei, Philippines, Vietnam and Taiwan.

US passes law urging China to de-escalate with India US passes law urging China to de-escalate with India