The United States of America has ended Migrant Protection Protocols or “Remain in Mexico” policy.

What is Remain in Mexico Policy?

  • The Remain in Mexico forced several Central American asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for USA court cases.
  • Currently, Biden administration has paused this programme called known as the Migrant Protection Protocols in January 2021.
  • Since January 2021, about 11000 migrants have enrolled in it and have been allowed to enter USA to seek asylum claims.
  • However, Republican Party have criticised reversal of this policy. Because, it encouraged huge migrant arrivals at Mexico–USA border.

Biden Administration

Even since Joe Biden took office, he has reversed many restrictive immigration policies by Former President Donald Trump as they were against USA asylum laws.

Mexico–USA border

The international border separating the United States of America and Mexico extends from Pacific Ocean in west to Gulf of Mexico in east. It traverses different terrains, from urban areas to deserts. This border is considered as most frequently crossed border across the world with about 350 million documented crossings each year.

USA-Mexico Border Wall

During the President Donald Trump tenure In 2016, he proposed to build a border wall to control immigration across the border. According to Trump, the wall would cost $8 to $12 billion. He signed Executive Order 13767, in the year 2017, that directed USA government to start wall construction along US–Mexico border using federal funding but construction started in the year 2019. Barrier along 455 miles was built. However, newly elected president Joe Biden terminated national emergency and stopped construction of wall in January 2021.

US ends Migrant Protection Protocols US ends Migrant Protection Protocols