The United States of America Government announced that the US troops in Afghanistan and Iraq will be reduced. The US forces in Afghanistan is to be reduced to 2,500 from 4,500 and also in Iraq to 2,500 from 3,000.

NATO role in withdrawal of troops

According to NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), by withdrawing forces, the US is putting Afghanistan at the risk of becoming a platform of international terrorism once again. This might lead to attack on America again (just like Twin tower attack 9/11).

NATO has 12 thousand troops. These troops are from different member countries. The NATO alliance is highly dependent on the US forces for logistics and transport.

In 2003, NATO took charge of international security effort in Afghanistan. This was after US-led coalition ousted Taliban for accommodating Osama bin Laden. From 2014, The alliance led security forces began to train the Afghan security forces.

What is US-Taliban Agreement?

In February 2020, United States of America and Taliban signed an agreement on peace and withdrew formces. Currently US is withdrawing its forces based on this agreement. They agreed on the following

  • All American and NATO troops to be withdrawn within 14 months
  • Taliban assured that Afghanistan soil will not be used as a launchpad to threaten security of US.
  • Taliban agreed to negotiate with Afghan Government and establish peace in the region
  • To Stop permanent and comprehensive ceasefire.

India’s role in Afghanistan

The United States of America has been long insisting India to deploy its armed forces in Afghanistan to contain terrorism in the country. However, India has not sent any of its defence forces to Afghanistan. On the flip side, India has been supporting Afghan Government in its developmental activities. India is the largest regional donor to Afghanistan. India has so far provided more than $3 billion of financial assistance to Afghanistan.

United States forces in Iraq

Since 2003, United States forces invaded and present Iraq. The forces left in 2011 and again returned in 2014. The US led coalition invaded Iraq emphasizing the argument that Saddam Hussein (5th President of Iraq) was developing mass weapons of destruction. US forces launched Operation Red Dawn and captured Saddam Hussein.

US forces also present in somalia more than 700. These troops conducting training and counterterrorism missions would leave.

US Announced to withdraw Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq US Announced to withdraw Troops in Afghanistan and Iraq