World Wildlife Crime Report 2020 released by UN Office on Drugs and Crime. The report based on highlighted trafficking in protected species.

Data on report shows, India and Thailand are the main source nations for shipments seized in international trade of tiger parts.

The report says that India and Thailand source 82 per cent of illegal shipment of tiger body parts. While identifying the nationality of the trafficker, 8 per cent belonged to India, 145 to Vietnamese and 8 per cent were from Indonesia.

The highest number of traffickers of tiger were from Mainland China. PRC’s accounted to 29 per cent of the traffickers.

Why trafficking Tiger Body Parts?

The tiger body parts have great medicinal values. The medicines made of bones of the tiger are used to heal ligament injuries, joint and bone fractures. The tiger parts are also being traded for exotic products


the People’s Republic of China has the highest number of tigers in the world followed by United States of America, India, and Thailand. The UN World Wildlife Crime Report published every four years. The global illegal wildlife trade predominantly revolves around rosewood, ivory and pangolins. Apart from these, elephant tusks and rhinos are also traded significantly.

Findings of the report

UN World Wildlife Crime Report says that around six thousand species have been seized between 1999 and 2018. The rhinos are poached for their horns. Pangolins are seized for their scales. Scales of Pangolins have medicinal values.

United Nations World Wildlife Crime Report 2020 United Nations World Wildlife Crime Report 2020