United Arab Emirates finally starts its first ever nuclear reactor “Barakah” (Barakah nuclear power plant) at capital Abu Dhabi on the Gulf coast. In 2017 Barakah nuclear power plant was expected to start its operation. However, due to safety issue, it kept on getting delayed.


Developed in a joint venture with the Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation (deployment and ownership of nuclear energy plants) and Korea Electric Power Corporation (Hanjeon) Barakah means “blessing” in Arabic language. In association with Korea Electric Power, the nuclear reactor power plant has begun the process of nuclear fission in 1 of its 4 reactors.

The energy in the reactor plant will be generated by 1,400 MW pressurised water reactors, designed in South Korea, called APR-1400. For now, only 1 of 4 reactors are working, however, the aim of the Emirates is to have its all 4 reactors set to the operational mode by 2023. This will produce around 5.6 GW of the energy which will be enough to serve a quarter of the Emirates need for electricity in a safe, reliable and emission free way.

Other Developments

international organization, International Atomic Energy Agency in its praising tweet wrote that the “plant’s Unit one had achieved its first criticality that is, generation of a controlled fission chain reaction. The Emirates is seen investing heavily in solar power. A couple of weeks ago the Emirates sent a PROBE on a Mars Mission which is also one of its first kind in the Gulf region.

Arab first nuclear plant