South Korean multinational automotive Hyundai Motor have designed a walking car concept robot. It is being called as TIGER which stands for transforming intelligent ground excursion robot. Hyundai’s robot comprises of the wheels having capability to adapt to navigate in the challenging terrain. The ultimate mobility vehicle uses its ability to walk when it gets stuck or when required to travel in the difficult terrain not only on Earth but on other planets as well.


  • It’s the first version of TIGER. Robot is based on the modular platform architecture.
  • Hyundai’s robot has 360 degree directional control which helps in surface evaluation in disaster prone areas.
  • It does not carry passengers but it can carry cargo and sensors to remotely observe the surroundings.
  • TIGER X-1 has been designed to operate autonomously.
  • The vehicle comprises of a sophisticated leg and wheel locomotion system.
  • The ultimate mobility vehicle have the features of both the robotic technology and the wheeled locomotion technology. Thus, the vehicle is capable of traversing the difficult terrain.
  • Further, it can connect with the drones. Drones can help in charging the ultimate mobility vehicle and delivering it to inaccessible locations.
  • It can be used to carry goods for the delivery or delivery of the aid packages in emergency situations.
  • This is the second ultimate mobility vehicle by Hyundai Motor Group.


The first ultimate mobility vehicle by the Hyundai Motor was launched at the 2019 consumer electronics show. It comprises of the features like moveable legs. It could Elevate and was designed to carry the passengers.

About Hyundai Motor Company

The Hyundai Motor is a South Korean multinational automotive manufacturer. Hyundai headquarter is located in Seoul Capital of South Korea. Hyundai Motor was established in the year 1967.

TIGER X-1 Hyundai’s a New Concept Vehicle TIGER X-1 Hyundai’s a New Concept Vehicle