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1 Propensity (noun)
An inclination or natural tendency to behave in a particular way (झुकाव)
Synonyms: aptness, proneness, tendency, way
Antonyms: averseness, disinclination, dislike, indisposition

2 Cumulative (adj)
Increasing or increased in quantity, degree, or force by successive additions (संचयी)
Synonyms: accretive, accumulative, additive, conglomerative, incremental
Antonyms: decremental, decrescent, degressive, regressive

3 Parity (noun)
The state or condition of being equal, especially as regards status or pay (समानता)
Synonyms: coequality, coordinateness, equality, equivalence, equivalency
Antonyms: dissimilarity, unlikeness, imparity, inequality, nonequivalence

4 Notion (noun)
A conception of or belief about something (धारणा)
Synonyms: etceteras, novelties, odds and ends, sundries
Antonyms: fact, truth

5 Evocatively (adv)
In a way that makes you remember or imagine something pleasant
Synonyms: reminiscent, suggestive
Antonyms: unreminiscent

6 Stillbirth (noun)
The death or loss of a baby before or during delivery (मृतजन्म)
Synonyms: abortion, miscarriage
Antonyms: creation, genesis, nascency, origination, rise

7 Detrimental (adj)
Tending to cause harm (हानिकारक)
Synonyms: adverse, bad, baleful, baneful, damaging, dangerous
Antonyms: harmless, hurtless, innocent, innocuous, inoffensive

8 Cognitive (adj)
Concerned with the act or process of knowing, perceiving
Synonyms: analytic, coherent, consequent, good, logical
Antonyms: casuistic, eristic, fallacious, misleading, sophistic

9 Tenuous (adj)
Very weak or slight (तुच्छ)
Synonyms: eggshell, flimsy, insubstantial, slight, unsubstantial
Antonyms: elastic, flexible, resilient, rubberlike, rubbery

10 Simmer (verb)
Exist in a suppressed state
Synonyms: boil, coddle, parboil, poach, stew