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1 Accompany (verb)
Provide a complement or addition to
Synonyms: attend, chaperone (or chaperon), companion, company, convoy

2 Protracted (adj)
Lasting for a long time or longer than expected or usual (दीर्घ)
Synonyms: drag (out), draw out, elongate, extend, lengthen, outstretch
Antonyms: abbreviate, abridge, curtail, cut, cut back, shorten

3 Vigour (noun)
Physical strength and good health (शक्ति)

4 Procession (noun)
A number of people or vehicles moving forward in an orderly fashion, especially as part of a ceremony
Synonyms: cortege (also cortège), parade

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5 Salutary (adj)
(especially with reference to something unwelcome or unpleasant) producing good effects; beneficial (लाभदायक)
Synonyms: advantageous, benefic, beneficent, beneficial, benignant
Antonyms: bad, disadvantageous, unfavorable, unfriendly, unhelpful

6 Resonate (verb)
Produce or be filled with a deep, full, reverberating sound (संबंधित)
Synonyms: echo, reecho, resound, reverberate, sound

7 Intemperate (adj)
Having or showing a lack of self-control; immoderate (असंयमी)
Synonyms: abandoned, rampant, raw, runaway, unbounded, unbridled
Antonyms: bridled, checked, constrained, controlled, curbed, governed

8 Virulence (noun)
The severity or harmfulness of a disease or pa” bitter hostility; rancour (द्वेष)
acrimony, asperity, bile, bitterness, cattiness

9 Fatigue (noun)
Extreme tiredness resulting from mental or physical exertion or illness (थकान)
Synonyms: burnout, collapse, exhaustion, frazzle, lassitude, prostration
Antonyms: refreshment, rejuvenation, rejuvenescence, revitalization

10 Curtail (verb)
Reduce in extent or quantity; impose a restriction on (घटाना)
Synonyms: abbreviate, abridge, cut back, dock, elide, shorten, syncopate
Antonyms: elongate, extend, lengthen, prolong, protract