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1 Dizzying (adj)
Causing someone to feel unsteady, confused, or amazed (अचंभे में डालना)
Synonyms: aswoon, giddy, light-headed, reeling, swimmy, vertiginous

2 Deceleration (noun)
Reduction in speed or rate (मंदी)
Synonyms: brake, retard, slacken, slow
Antonyms: accelerate, hasten, hurry, quicken, rush, speed (up)

3 Stubbornly (adv)
In a way that is difficult to move, remove, or improve (हठपूर्वक)
Synonyms: adamant, adamantine, bullheaded, dogged, hard, hard-nosed
Antonyms: acquiescent, agreeable, amenable, compliant, complying

4 Bring to the fore
To move something forward; to make something more prominent or noticeable

5 Wane (verb)
(of a state or feeling) decrease in vigour or extent; become weaker
Synonyms: abate, de-escalate, decline, decrease, die
Antonyms: accumulate, balloon, build, burgeon (also bourgeon), enlarge

6 Linger (verb)
Stay in a place longer than necessary because of a reluctance to leave (सुस्त)
Synonyms: crawl, creep, dally, dawdle, delay, diddle, dillydally
Antonyms: barrel, bolt, career, course, dash, fly, hasten, hotfoot

7 Unrelenting (adj)
Not yielding in strength, severity, or determination, not giving way to kindness or compassion (निर्दय)
Synonyms: adamant, adamantine, bullheaded, dogged, hard
Antonyms: acquiescent, agreeable, amenable, compliant, complying

8 Freight (noun)
The transport of goods by truck, train, ship, or aircraft (भाड़ा)
Synonyms: burden, cargo, draft, haul, lading, load, loading

9 Ouster (noun)
Dismissal or expulsion from a position (निकाल देना)

10 Acrimonious (adj)
(typically of speech or discussion) angry and bitter (उग्र)
Synonyms: acrid, bitter, embittered, hard, rancorous, resentful
Antonyms: unbitter