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1 Inevitable (adj)
Certain to happen; unavoidable (अनिवार्य)
Synonyms: certain, ineluctable, ineludible, inescapable, necessary, sure
Antonyms: avoidable, evadable, uncertain, unsure

2 Augment (verb)
Make (something) greater by adding to it; increase (बढ़ाना)
Synonyms: accelerate, add (to), aggrandize, amplify, boost, build up, compound
Antonyms: abate, decrease, de-escalate, diminish, downsize, dwindle

3 Fortnight (noun)
(preceded by a specified day) used to indicate that something will take place two weeks after that day

4 Descent (noun)
An act of moving downwards, dropping, or falling (अवतरण)
Synonyms: dip, dive, down, drop, fall, nosedive, plunge
Antonyms: ascent, climb, rise, rising, soaring, upswing, upturn

5 Aggravate (verb)
Make (a problem, injury, or offence) worse or more serious (बिगाड़ना)
Synonyms: annoy, bother, bug, burn (up), chafe, eat, exasperate, frost

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6 Scourge (noun)
A person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering
Synonyms: flogger, lash, switch, whip

7 Commendably (adv)
In a way that is deserving of praise (प्रंशसनीय ढंग से)
Synonyms: commit, confide, consign, delegate, deliver, entrust
Antonyms: hold, keep, retain

8 Heart-rending (adj)
Causing great sadness or distress (शोकजनक )
Synonyms: depressing, dismal, drear, dreary, heartbreaking, melancholy
Antonyms: cheering, cheery, glad, happy

9 Incumbent (adj)
Necessary for (someone) as a duty or responsibility, (of an official or regime) currently holding office
Synonyms: compulsory, forced, imperative, involuntary, mandatory
Antonyms: elective, optional, voluntary

10 Fritter (verb)
Waste time, money, or energy on trifling matters (व्यर्थ नष्ट करना)
Synonyms: blow, dissipate, fiddle away, lavish, lose, misspend, run through
Antonyms: conserve