Karnataka CM B S Yediyurappa recently launched the “Bengaluru Mission 2022”. The mission aims to provide necessary infrastructure and basic amenities to people of Bengaluru to resolve their day-to-day problems and challenges. It basically plans to overhaul city infrastructure. The state government mission is to work in making Bengaluru “one of the best in the world” when the country marks its 75th year of independence. The state government also shared a booklet titled “Bengaluru Mission 2022 – Revitalising Bengaluru”.

Bengaluru Mission 2022

  • The Bengaluru mission is to focus on reducing traffic congestion. In 20 years, the traffic congestion in Bengaluru has increased by four folds. There are around 84.5 lakh vehicles that are registered in Bengaluru. The Bengaluru mission 2022 is to encourage public transport usage, suburban railway project and also speed up “Namma Metro
  • KRDC: Karnataka Road Development Corporation will develop 12 high density corridors of 190 km
  • The Installation of synchronous signal lights
  • The Promotion of shared Electric Vehicle Mobility
  • To Increase the speed of completion of metro projects
  • They Expand bus priority lanes
  • The Operationalisation of suburban rail to ease traffic and reduce pollution
  • To ensure greener city, the Bengaluru mission is to prioritise creating clean lakes and waterways. Around 25 lakes in the city are to be replenished.
  • The Two large tree parks of 400 acres each are to be developed
  • Mini forests are to be developed in Kadugodi, Turahalli, JP Nagar, are to be developed.
  • State Government is to institutionalise garbage menace of the city under the “Nanna Kasa Naan Jawabdari” (My Garbage My Responsibility) theme. Community participation is to be promoted and the citizens will be encouraged to adopt zero waste home concepts.

The plan seeks to ensure cleaner and greener Bengaluru and enable faster commute and connectivity for the citizens.

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