14th Prime Minister of India Narendra Damodardas Modi is all set to launch the physical distribution of property cards under the ‘SVAMITVA’ (ownership) scheme on 11 October 2020. This will be a historic move to transform the rural India.

Points To Note

  • Government of India’s move will provide villagers a way to use property as a financial asset.
  • Indian villagers could use their property for taking loans and other financial benefits.


SVAMITVA Scheme launch will enable 100,000 property holders to download their property cards using SMS link. SMS link would be sent on their mobile phones. Then, they would be given physical property cards by the respective state govts. These beneficiaries comes from 763 villages across 6 states. Out of these, 346 comes from UP, 221 from Haryana, 100 from Maharashtra, 44 from MP, 50 from Uttarakhand and 2 from Karnataka.

Maharashtra’s system

SVAMITVA Scheme beneficiaries from nationwide will receive the physical copies of their property cards within a day except for Maharashtra. In Maharashtra there is a system of recovering a nominal cost of property cards. So it will provide property card within a month after applying for it.


Svamitva scheme was launched by the Panchayati Raj Ministry. Scheme was launched on the occasion of National Panchayati Raj Day on 24 April 2020. Svamitva scheme is aimed at providing the ‘record of rights’ to the village household owners in rural areas and issue property cards. Ownership scheme is being implemented nationwide for a period of 4 years that is from 2020-2024 in a phased manner. Svamitva scheme targets to cover 6.62 lakh villages.

Objectives of the programme

  • To bring financial stability to rural areas.
  • To create accurate land records that help in rural planning
  • To create a server infrastructure that can be leveraged by any department for stop
  • To help Gram Panchayat in making better Geographic Information System map.
  • To reduce property related disputes.

SVAMITVA Scheme Distribute Property Cards SVAMITVA Scheme Distribute Property Cards