Recently Singapore Government announced that they will built a largest floating solar farm of the world. Singapore has resorted to set up the energy plants off the coasts and reservoirs across it.

World’s Largest floating solar farm is being set up in the light that despite being one of the smallest countries in the world, it is one of the biggest per capita carbon dioxide (CO2) emitters in India. Thus, to cater to the issue of climate change and to cut the greenhouse gas emission it is building the floating solar farm. This project is being built by Sembcorp Industries.

Renewable Energy in the Singapore

In the present world, renewable energy is a challenge for Singapore because the country has no rivers for hydro-electricity. Wind is also not that strong to power the turbines. Thus, with the setting up of the floating solar farms the authorities seek to change that notion. So, this tropical country has turned to the solar power. Since, it has little land space, equal to the half the size of Los Angeles, the country has decided to setting up energy plants off its coasts and on reservoirs.

Threat to the country

The Southeast Asian island nation is threatened by the rising sea levels as a result of the climate change. So, the country is aware of urgency to cut down the emissions.  In the light, Singapore government unveiled several “green plans” including the steps like building more charging points to encourage the electric cars uses, reducing the amount of waste sent to landfills and planting more trees. The country has also target to increase its solar energy use by four times amounting to two percent of the power needs of the country by 2025 and then to 3% by 2030.

World Largest Floating Solar Farms being built World Largest Floating Solar Farms being built