National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) French Space Agency formally announced on 30 September 2020 that it going to participate in ISRO’s Venus Mission which has been named SHUKRAYAAN will be launched in 2025.

Key Points

  • Indian Space Research Organisation intends to send an orbiter mission to Venus in order to study the atmosphere of Venus (second planet from the Sun).
  • Venus planet atmosphere is  primarily made up to  of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • ISRO’s Shukrayaan mission will study the dense and hot atmosphere of Venus planet.
  • Shukrayaan will also study the planet’s surface using a probe.
  • French Space Agency payload will be flown on an Indian exploration mission for the first time.
  • ISRO have also selected The VIRAL (Venus Infrared Atmospheric Gases Linker) instrument that has been co-developed with the Roscosmos (Roscosmos State Corporation for Space Activities) Russian space agency and the LATMOS (Laboratoire atmosphères, milieux, observations spatiales) atmospheres, environments and space observations laboratory attached to the French CNRS (French: Centre national d’études spatiales).


  • The satellite configuration & payloads on Shukrayaan-1 have not been finalised yet.
  • But the science objectives feeding to the design of the spacecraft are
  1. the “super-rotation” of the atmosphere of Venus planet.
  2. how it interacts with solar radiation and solar winds.
  • The SHUKRAYAAN mission will study the atmospheric chemistry, compositional variations and dynamics of Venus.
  • Earlier, the SHUKRAYAAN mission was scheduled to be launched in 2023.

Ongoing Venus Mission

42 Venus missions have been sent to Venus from Earth as of now. Japan’s Akatsuki which is also known as the Venus Climate Orbiter and Planet-C, is currently moving around Venus. It has been tasked to study the atmosphere of Venus Planet. it was launched from H-IIA 202 rocket on 20 May 2010.

Successful Venus Mission

27 August 1962 NASA first space agency conducted Successful launch of Mariner 2 (P-38) venus mission. Second Successful mission conducted by Lavochkin Association Russian Private Space Agency launched Venera 4 on 12 June 1967.

Proposed Missions

launch year
CUVENASA orbiter
DAVINCINASA2021atmospheric probe
EVEESA orbiter
HAVOCNASA crewed aircraft
Shukrayaan-1ISRO2023orbiter and atmospheric balloon
VAMPNASA2026atmospheric balloon
Venera-DRoscosmos2026orbiter and lander
VICINASAlate 2020slander
VISAGENASAlate 2020slander
VISENASAlate 2020slander and balloon
VOXNASA orbiter

SHUKRAYAAN Mission to Venus Mission in 2025