Government of India Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel has launched Seismic Survey campaign of Oil India Ltd in the Mahanadi basin of Odisha. According to the Petroleum ministry, the oil & gas exploration will be a game changer in the socio-economic development of Odisha. The estimated cost of the seismic survey is Rupees 220 crores.

Seismic Survey Campaign

The exploration Seismic Survey Campaign estimated cost is Rupees 1,248 crores. Of this, the Campaign will require Rupees 220 crores. Mahanadi basin was chosen as the first location to roll out the National Seismic Programme (NSP).

About National Seismic Programme

In 2016, The Union Government was launched National Seismic Programme to trace hydrocarbon resources such as oil & natural gas. The National Seismic programme aims to undertake fresh appraisal of sedimentary basin in the country. The Programme will conduct high resolution seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation survey.

What is Seismic Survey?

It is a low impact method that gathers information about the location and characteristics of geological structures. During the seismic survey, acoustic sound signals are transmitted to the earth surface. Different geographical layers reflect the sound differently. Based on the returning sound waves received and recorded by microphones, availability of oil and gas is determined.

About Mahanadi basin

It is the 8th largest basin in india. Mahanadi flows through Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Odisha. Hirakud dam has been constructed across river Mahanadi. Around 14 districts in the basin are covered under Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP).

Drought Prone Area Programme (DPAP)

The Drought Prone Area programme was launched by Central Government in 1973-74. The programme tackles special problems faced by the fragile areas that are constantly affected by droughts. The areas under the DPAP programme are identified based on the human and cattle population it holds. The human and cattle population are continuously putting pressure in these areas that are already fragile. These areas face continuous depletion of vegetative cover, fall in ground water level, increase in soil erosion. Seismic Survey for Oil & Gas Exploration launched in Mahanadi basin Seismic Survey for Oil & Gas Exploration launched in Mahanadi basin