The 2nd edition of BRICS Sherpas’ and Sous Sherpas’ meeting was conducted to discuss preparations for scheduled meeting of BRICS Foreign Ministers on 1st June 2021.

BRICS Sherpas’ and Sous Sherpas meeting was convened under India’s Chair-ship from May 25th to 28th. During the meeting BRICS partners negotiated key deliverables for India’s char-ship at BRICS 2021. They also negotiated including outcome documents for Foreign Ministers’ meeting.

What are the Sherpas’?

  • It is personal representative of head of state or govt, preparing an international summit like G7 and G20 summits.
  • It usually refers to “Sherpas for G7 summit” but this designation can be extended to different regular conferences which requires participation of head of state.
  • For instance, BRICS Sherpas’ denotes representatives of BRICS Nation.
  • It is generally quite influential even though they do not have authority to make a final decision over any agreement.

Why is it called Sherpas?

Name Sherpas is derived from “Sherpa people” who are Nepalese ethnic group. They serve as guides and porters across Himalayas. Thus, designating grouping as Sherpa refers to the fact that, Sherpa clears way for head of state at major summit.

First BRICS Sherpa

The 1st BRICS Sherpa meeting was held in the year 2019 under Presidency of Brazil in Curitiba.

Second BRICS Sherpas Meeting convened Second BRICS Sherpas Meeting convened