The state government of Jharkhand has launched the “SAAMAR Campaign” in the state, which stands for “Strategic Action for Alleviation of Malnutrition and Anaemia Reduction” campaign. This campaign was launched to tackle the malnutrition in the state.

The Campaign was started with the aim of identifying the anaemic women and malnourished children. The campaign converges several departments to effectively tackle the problem of malnutrition.

Malnutrition in Jharkhand

The Economic Survey of 2021 states that, A Comprehensive National Nutrition Survey was conducted in Jharkhand for the period of March 2017 to July 2017. As per the survey, 36 per cent of the children under 5-years of age are stunted, 29 per cent are of the children are affected from Wasting, while 45 per cent of the children are underweight. These factors indicate the status of undernutrition in state.

SAAMAR Campaign

It has been launched in the state with a 1000 days target. Under this campaign, annual surveys will be conducted in order to track the progress. The SAAMAR Campaign seeks to converge several departments like Rural Development Department, Food & Civil Supplies and engagement with the school management committees & gram sabhas to make them aware of nutritional behaviour. It also focusses on the Primarily Vulnerable Tribal Groups for their nutritional needs. The SAAMAR Campaign further encourages the research and proposes fellowships on the nutritional behaviour of these groups in order to effectively implement the schemes.

How this campaign will run?

Under the SAAMAR Campaign, all the Anganwadi centres in the state will be engaged in identifying those children who are undernourished so that severe acute malnutrition among children can be tackled. After the children are identified, they will be treated across the Malnutrition Treatment Centres. In the similar manner, the anaemic women will also be listed and will treated in serious cases. This survey will be done by measuring the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference of women and children using the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference tapes and Edema levels which results into swelling in a small area or entire body.

SAAMAR Campaign launched in Jharkhand