The informal strategic forum between the powerful countries USA, Japan, Australia and India, Quad grouping will hold its third ministerial meeting on 18th February 2021.

Points To Note

  • The Quad grouping meeting will be held to exchange their views on global and regional issues.
  • 3rd Ministerial Meeting will focus on the practical areas of cooperation in order to maintain an open, free and inclusive Indo-Pacific region.
  • The member countries of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue India, Australia, Japan, USA will involve the participation of their foreign ministers. They all will be presenting different agendas during the meeting.
  • This meeting is the continuation of the views that were exchanged in the 2nd QUAD meeting of 6th October by 2020 that was held in Tokyo, Japan.
  • The first meeting of Quad grouping was organized in 2019 in New York, USA.

Agenda of the Ministerial meeting

  • The Foreign Ministers of India, Australia, Japan, USA will exchange their views on the global and regional issues during the meeting.
  • Ministers will also discuss the ongoing efforts of combating the Covid-19.
  • They will also be discussing and addressing the global climate change and other issues of mutual interest.
  • Ministers is expected that, the initiative would put an end to growing economic influence of China.
  • The cooperation with Japan and other allies will help in countering the Chinese development assistance and its domination in the region including the Indo-Pacific.


During the 1nd meeting of Quad grouping in October 2020 former USA-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had disapproved China for using the economic power so as to increase its domination in the neighboring countries across South China. Mike Pompeo also bought the attention of the grouping to China’s corruption, exploitation and coercion in the neighboring countries.


The Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is also known as Quad or Asian NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). Quad grouping is an informal strategic forum comprising of Japan, USA, Australia and India. The Quad grouping held semi-regular summits, military drills and military information exchanges between the countries.

QUAD 3rd Ministerial Meeting QUAD 3rd Ministerial Meeting