Patanjali’s Divya Coronil medicine has received the certification from AYUSH Ministry in accordance with the World Health Organization certification norms.

Points To Note

  • Coronil tablets has now been certified as a drug which can be used as supporting measure to fight Covid-19 and as an immunity-booster.
  • The drug has received the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Product from the Ayush section of the CDSCO (Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation).
  • Patanjali Ayurved has also released a booklet with 9 peer-reviewed papers that certifies the efficacy of Coronil.


Patanjali Ayurved had launched the Coronil tablets by June 2020 during COVID-19 Pandemic. Coronil was developed at Haridwar-based Divya Prakashan Patanjali Research Institute. The Patanjali group had claimed that the drug cures the Covid-19 in 7 days. But, the GoI AYUSH Ministry then put a ban on Patanjali from selling it as a “cure”. AYUSH ministry had asked the details regarding the trials. Apart from that, the state government of Rajasthan also sent a notice to NIMS Hospital in Jaipur where the trials were conducted on Covid-19 patients.

Implications of certification

As per the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products certification, the drug can be exported to 158 nations. It also allows the WHO to inspect manufacturer at intervals. Most of the competent authorities from the importing countries require that the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products should be issued by country of the origin.

Certificate of the pharmaceutical product

It is a certificate which is issued as per the recommended of WHO in the specified format. This certification establishes the status of pharmaceutical product. It also gives status to the applicant in the exporting country. The certification is issued for a single product. The content of Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products comprises of understated data:

  • Exporting country or certifying country
  • Importing country or requesting country
  • Name, dosage form and composition of the product
  • Information on registration, licensing and marketing status of product in exporting country
  • Number of product license and date of issue
  • Appended summary of technical basis on which product has been licensed
  • Appended current product information
  • Details on the applicant for the Certificate of Pharmaceutical Products.

Coronil received AYUSH certification