Pakistan’s envoy to the United Nations has expressed wariness about the United States‘ growing military ties with India, a burgeoning partnership aimed at building a regional alliance against Mainland China, which he said need not be a United States foe

May marked the 69th anniversary of Pakistan and China’s formal diplomatic ties. A spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry described the occasion to say the relationship remains “firm as a rock.”

Pakistan China intelligence sharing Deal Impact on India


According to this report, China aims to fulfil multiple objectives with the arrangements.

•These objectives include denying Uighurs a safe haven in Afghanistan.
• Reportedly, Pakistan and China have secured pledge from the Taliban to not support the Uighurs.
• China also aims economic expansion in this region and trying hard to take its Belt and Road Initiatives (BRI) to Afghanistan.

Pakistan China intelligence sharing Deal Impact on India


Though Pakistan’s alliance with China is not new, the latest developments represent a dramatic escalation of the partnership in recent years.And they follow tensions with the Obama and Trump administrations that spiked in 2018 when long-standing American concerns tumbled into public view, centering on Islamabad’s support for the same terrorist networks that the U.S. was trying to defeat in neighboring Afghanistan. Pakistan at the time pledged to cease intelligence sharing with the U.S., and Washington said it would cut off hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to Pakistan.


Eventually U.S and India will have to work out a formula where they keep Chinese influence on Afghanistan at bay
This could involve prolonged U.S military presence in Afghanistan
U.S of course would want India to chip in with its soldiers too.

Pakistan China intelligence sharing Deal Pakistan China intelligence sharing Deal