independent charitable organizations Oxfam published a third edition of the Oxfam’s 2020 Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index report. According to the report, India just spent 4 per cent of its budget on the health in the ongoing pandemic situation. The spending by India stands at the fourth lowest globally. In the line, India has been stand 129 position out of 158 countries.

Points To Note

  • Only 26 of the 158 countries were spending the recommended 15 per cent of their budgets on health.
  • One in 3 of the workforce were not been providing labour protection such as sick pay in 103 countries .
  • According to the report, only 53 countries had social protection systems against unemployment and sickness.
  • These 53 countries have covered only 22 per cent of the global workforce.
  • India, Nepal and Sri Lanka comes under the bottom 10 in Central Government spending on public services.
  • The South Asian nations in are not taking much the needed efforts to fight inequality, the report have highlighted.

Commitment to Reducing Inequality index

Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) ranks 158 governments globally. It ranks the government on the basis of government’s commitment to reduce inequality among the people and nation. CRI index also tracks  the government’s spending on public services. CRI study and analyses the actions taken by govts in the areas including education, health and social protection.

Commitment to Reducing Inequality Index On India

According to the report, In India only half of its population have access to health services. It states, more than 70 per cent of health spending is being met by people themselves. This is the highest levels spending by the public itself in the world.


Oxfam is a integrated organisation comprising of 20 independent charitable organisations. Oxfam mainly focuses to alleviate global poverty. In 1942, Oxfam organisation was founded at Oxford, England. It is the parent organisation that led the oxfam. 

India health budget is the 4th lowest India health budget is the 4th lowest