The Rajasthan Police recently arrested 2 civil defence employees in Jaipur based on Military Intelligence inputs. They were arrested upon the input that they were passing sensitive data to Pakistan spy agency ISI (Inter Service Intelligence). The information was passed under Operation Desert Chase.

Operation Desert Chase
The Operation Desert Chase is an anti-espionage operation that was started by the Indian Military Intelligence in 2019. The men were arrested under Official Secrets Act, 1923.

Official Secrets Act
The act condemns actions that involve helping an enemy from Pakistan state against India. The Home Ministry of India in 2017 has submitted a report on amending the act. The report intends to make the act more transparent and in line with RTI act (Right to Information Act, 2005).

The other 5 nations that use Official Secrets Act includes Hong Kong, UK, Myanmar, Singapore and Malaysia. The act was in practice in New Zealand and Canada.

According to the Indian Government, the Inter Service Intelligence of Pakistan involves planning and carrying out terrorist attacks against people of India. It was created after the Indo Pakistani war of 1947. The ISI was given the duty to make Jammu and Kashmir a part of Pakistan. Also, Operation Tupac was started. ISI Headquarters in Islamabad, Pakistan Founded: 1 January 1948

Operation Tupac
The Operation Tupacis the alleged “codename” of an allegedly ongoing “military intelligence” contingency program run by the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency, active since the 1980s. The operation has 3 parts namely

Disintegrate India
Exploit porous borders with Nepal and Bangladesh and set up bases
Tu utilize spy networks to act as instrument of sabotage