Four tech giant in the world Nokia, Microsoft, Google and Amazon web services on 16th March announced that they has partnered to develop a new cloud-based 5G radio solution. This solution will be developed with its radio access network (RNA) technology. This partnership was gone with objective of developing a new business cases, in three separate statements.

About Radio access Network

The Radio access Network is the part of a mobile telecommunication system. This telecommunication system implements a radio access technology. Radio access Network resides between a device like computer, mobile phone or any remotely controlled machine. It also provides connection with the core network. Based on the standard mobile phones and other wireless connected devices are called as user equipment, terminal equipment or mobile station etc. The functionality of Radio access Network is typically provided by the silicon chip which resides in both the core network and the user equipment.

Examples of Radio access Network

  1. UTRAN which stands for UMTS radio access network (RAN)
  2. GRAN which stands for GSM RAN
  3. GERAN which is same as GRAN but it additionally includes the EDGE packet radio services
  4. E-UTRAN which is a Long-Term Evolution (LTE) high speed and low latency radio access network.

Features of the Radio access Network

The single handset or mobile phone can be connected to multiple radio access networks simultaneously. The single Handsets which are capable of this feature are called as the dual-mode handsets. For example, a handset can commonly support both GSM and UMTS or “3G” radio access technologies. Such devices also transfer the ongoing call across different radio access networks without any disruption to users.

Nokia Microsoft AWS to Develop New 5G Radio Solutions Nokia Microsoft AWS to Develop New 5G Radio Solutions