Government of India Think tank NITI Aayog launched Behaviour Change Campaign named ‘Navigating the New Normal’ was launched on 25 June 2020. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is a partner for the behavior change campaign 2020.

Focus of the Campaign

During global pandemic and Lockdown citizens of the nation faces lot of problems Think Tank NITI Aayog start Campaign, the aim is to develop an appropriate COVID-19 safe behavior in the nation, such as by making people adapt to wearing masks as a part of their daily routine during pandemic. Until a COVID-19 vaccine is developed, it is essential for the citizens of the nation to adopt certain behavioral changes in their daily routine by practicing hand hygiene, wearing masks, etc.

About the Campaign

The Navigating the New Normal campaign has been designed under the guidance of the Empowered Group 6 (this Group addresses issues related to COVID-19 response activities through effective solutions and formulation of plans).

The behaviour change campaign has divided into two parts:

Government of India launched The Web Portal ( It contains behavioral norms required for being COVID-19 safe.
Media Campaign: As the pandemic has restricted the movement of people across the nation, people are spending more time at home watching television, web series or on the internet. The aim of the behaviour change campaign will reach millions across the nation through advertisements, animation for children, virtual awareness campaigns on social networking sites, etc.

NITI Aayog launched Behaviour Change Campaign