Recently New Zealand space agency sign “space agreement with NASA” with the objective of boosting nascent space industry of New Zealand. New Zealand has become the latest country to sign agreement.

  • It is the 11th signatory to Artemis Accords.
  • The Artemis Accords is a blueprint for space cooperation and supporting NASA’s plan to return humans to moon by 2024. It also supports NASA’s plan of launching historic human mission to Mars.

Why New Zealand signed Artemis accord?

The country wants to ensure, future space exploration is conducted in a safe, sustainable and transparent manner in accordance with international law. New Zealand is also interested in ensuring that minerals taken from moon or elsewhere in space are used sustainably.

New Zealand Space industry

Rocket Lab (private American aerospace manufacturer and small satellite launch service provider) started commercial launches for New Zealand in the year 2018. Company specializes in putting small satellites into orbit. It made history in the year 2017 by launching test rocket into space from remote Mahia Peninsula.

About Artemis Accords

They are an international agreement and American-led effort which seeks to relaunch humans to Moon by 2024. The Bilateral Space Agreement was signed by governments participating in Artemis programme with the objective of expanding and deepening space exploration. It was drafted under the aegis of NASA. It provides a framework for cooperation in civil exploration and peaceful use of Mars (Red Planets), Moon and other astronomical objects.  The accord was signed in 13th October 2020.

New Zealand to signs space agreement with NASA New Zealand to signs space agreement with NASA