Union Ministry of Electronics and IT formally launched 3 new initiatives of National Internet Exchange of India. They were NIXI Academy, IP Guru and NIXI-IP-INDEX.

3 Initiatives of NIXI

  • IP Guru: IPv6 or IP Guru that extends support to all Indian entities that are finding it challenging to adopt IPv6. The IPv6 is to offer its services free of cost. It is a joint effort of Ministry of Electronics and IT, Department of Telecom (DoT).
  • NIXI-IP Index: This portal developed for the internet community. It will showcase IPv6 adoption rate in India and in the world.
  • NIXI Academy: It has been created to educate non-technical and technical people in the country. It will teach technologies like IPv6 that are usually not taught in educational institutes.

IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6)

IP or Internet Protocol sets rules on data delivery over the public network. Version 6 is the most recent version of IP. It is also called IPng, which is, IP next generation.


The National Internet Exchange of India is a NPO that was established under Section 8 of Companies Act of 2013. It was established in the year 2003 to spread internet infrastructure to the citizens of India. This is achieved by the following:

  • IRINN: Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers to manage and operate Internet Protocol.
  • .IN Registry: It manages and operates .IN country code domain.
  • It also operates Internet Service Providers and Content Delivery Network through which internet data is exchanged.

The res.in, gov.in, ac.in are operated by ERNET, National Internet Exchange of India and Ministry of Defence (MoD).

National Internet Exchange of India Initiatives launched