UNGA (UN General Secretary) called for the first UN Food Systems Summit to be held in September 2021. The summit is to strategize actions for positive change in Agri-food systems.


It will focus on pathways to shape food systems globally to accelerate progress in Sustainable Development Goals. The summit will focus on five action tracks. They are as follows:

  1. Safe and nutritious food
  2. Advance equitable livelihoods
  3. Sustainable Consumption patterns
  4. Nature-Positive production
  5. Resilience to vulnerabilities, stress and shocks

India has volunteered to Action Track 4, which is, Advance Equitable Livelihood. In order to take this further, Indian Government has constituted a high level Inter Departmental Group. The main objective of the group is to hold National  Dialogues with all the stake holders of agriculture and food systems to explore national pathways in creating sustainable food system in India.

National Dialogues

The first National Dialogue on Agri-Food System was held on 12th April 2021. The dialogue was attended by farmer organisations, civil society organisations, farmer producer organisations, research institutions and other government agencies.

Apart from these National Dialogues on United Nations Food Systems Summit, the state governments will also hold state level dialogues.

Purpose of Action Track 4

It aims to review issues and evidences that prevent the emergence of “Advance Equitable Livelihoods”. It will study the inequality and power imbalances at community and household level. Climate Change is one of the major factors that hinder advance equitable livelihoods. Climate change is threatening food production. Also, the increase in sea level is increasing the risk of catastrophic flooding.

National Dialogue on UN Food Systems Summit National Dialogue on UN Food Systems Summit