NASA is to launch 4 astronauts to the ISS (International Space Station) on World Earth Day (April 22). American Space Agenccy is to launch the mission along with SpaceX.

SpaceX Crew 2

  • SpaceX Crew 2 is the second crewed operational flight of Crew Dragon Spacecraft.
  • NASA’s mission will transport four scientists to the Space Station.
  • The astronauts to travel to the Space Station are from NASA, JAXA (Japanese Space Agency) and ESA (European Space Agency).

Crew Dragon

It was the first space vehicle to launch humans from American soil in 9 years. It was first launched in May 2020. It was funded through NASA’s commercial Crew Programme. It evolved from an earlier design called Dragon 1. Dragon 1 was launched more than 20 times on missions to deliver cargo  to the Space Station between 2012 and 2020.

The SpaceX Crew 1 was the first time astronauts used a spaceship developed and launched by a private company. Also, it carried back astronauts to the earth.

How does Crew Dragon return to the Earth?

  • It detaches from the Space Station.
  • The trunk section on the top burns up in the atmosphere.
  • The thrusters then fire for 15 minutes of de-orbit burn. The De-orbit burn is firing of engines of spacecraft to enable it to re-enter the earth.
  • The temperature of the space craft touches 1,600°C as it re-enters the atmosphere.
  • Parachute deploy from just below the nose cone to angle capsule to cut into the water and reduce impact.

NASA to launch SpaceX Crew 2 NASA to launch SpaceX Crew 2