National Aeronautics and Space Administration released the first audio from Red Planet (Mars) on 22nd February 2021. It was a faint crackling recording of the wind that was captured by NASA’s Perseverance rover.

  • The space agency has also released the first video of landing of the Perseverance rover.
  • The Perseverance rover is on a mission to search if there is any sign of past life on the Planet.
  • Perseverance rover sent a high-definition video clip of about 3..25 minutes.
  • The Video shows deployment of a red-and-white parachute having 70.5 foot wide canopy.
  • Further video reveals the heat shield is dropping away after protecting Perseverance while it was entering into the MARS atmosphere.
  • Video also reveals that the rover touched-down the MARS surface in a cloud of dust in its Jezero Crater which lies to the north of MARS’ equator.


National Aeronautics and Space Administration had launched the Perseverance rover on 30th July 2020. Mars 2020 mission landed on MARS on 18th February 2021. NASA’s prime mission is of just over two years however it will remain operational beyond that. The Predecessor of the Perseverance, Curiosity, is still functioning that was launched 8 years back on Mars.

The Perseverance

NASA’s Perseverance rover equals the size of an SUV and it weighs a ton. The rover was also equipped with a 7 foot long robotic arm. It comprises of 19 cameras, two microphones and a suite of cutting-edge instruments. MARS 2020 mission was launched with the objective of collecting 30 rocks and soil samples in a sealed tube that will be sent back to Earth in the 2030s for lab analysis. It will determine whether Red Planet was actually inhabited in the past. The first sample drilling will begin this year in summer. In the process, it will  be deploying new instruments in order to scan the organic matter, zap rocks to study vapour and map chemical composition.

Nasa releases first audio from Mars Nasa releases first audio from Mars