Recently Marine Products Export Development Authority launched a multilingual call centre for Aquafarmers. The initiative is first of its kind in India. It will address the technical issues and impart knowledge about efficient farming methods round the clock.

Call Centre

  • It will mainly cater to the Andhra Pradesh’s Aquafarmers. This is because, the State is one of the major fish producing state in India. Together with other states Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal and Gujarat, these state contributes more than 60 per cent of marine products of the country.
  • They can handle calls in English and Hindi.
  • Through these centres the Aquafarmers can easily seek advise from the experts regarding their concerns.
  • It will help the Aquafarmers follow best management practices to boost production and ensure quality of produce.
  • Aquafarmers can get information about the support schemes extended by Marine Products Export Development Authority .

Recently, the Biofloc Technology has gained significance in Aquaculture.

The Recent Trends in Aquaculture: Biofloc Technology

It is the new Blue Revolution. This is because the nutrients can be continuously recycled and reused using the Biofloc technology. The Biofloc is the suspended growth in tanks and ponds that aggregates both living and dead organic matter such as bacteria, phytoplankton and grazers of bacteria. It is the utilization of microbial processes within the pond or tank to provide food for the cultured organisms. The technology is effective in cleaning the waste and also to provide food to aquatic animals.

Working of the Biofloc Technology

The Biofloc Technology is waste water treatment. The principle of this technique is to maintain high Carbon-Nitrogen ratio by adding carbohydrate source. The water quality is improved through the production of single cell microbial proteins.

In these conditions, the heterotrophic microbial growth assimilated by the nitrogenous waste is exploited by the cultured species as feed. Simultaneously the water quality improves.

Species suitable for Biofloc Culture

  • Shell Fishes such as Tiger Shrimp, Vannamei
  • Non-Air-breathing fishes such as Milkfish, Tilapia, Rohu, Common Carp
  • Air breathing fish such as Magur, Singhi, Koi, Pabda

MPEDA Multilingual Call Centre for Aqua farmers MPEDA Multilingual Call Centre for Aqua farmers