The bill passed by State assembly now the state cabinet of Madhya Pradesh has formally approved the “Penal Law (Madhya Pradesh Amendment) Bill, 2021” on 26th February 2021. The bill was approved in order to give life imprisonment to food adulterers inter-state.


By December 2019, an awareness rally was organised in Bhopal to fight against the adulteration. The rally witnessed the participation of people from all age groups. It was held from Roshanpura to Lal Parade in Bhopal.

About Food Adulteration

The Food Adulteration is s a legal term which is used when a food product fails to meet any of the legal standards as prescribed by the authorities. It can be done by addition of another substance to the food item so as to increase the quantity of food item in either the raw form or prepared form. This results in the loss of actual quality of the food products.

Who regulates Food Standards?

The legal standards of the food us regulated by Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. Health ministry is responsible to provide safe food to citizens. The ministry had laid down “The Prevention of Food Adulteration Act of 1954” that provides pure and wholesome foods to citizens. This act was amended in the year 1986. With this amendment, the punishments more stringent for the adulterers.

Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006

The Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006 was passed by the FSSAI in the year 2006 for which the regulations were notified in the 2011. Under the FSS act, FSSAI proposed to include new section to crack down on food adulteration. It mandates that, if the adulteration is done which results into the death or any other serious injury to the person than, there shall be punishment for the adulterers for a term not less than seven years which could also be extended to life imprisonment.

Penal Law Amendment Bill 2021 Penal Law Amendment Bill 2021