Indian Institute of Technology-Madras incubated dairy-tech startup, “Stellapps” has launched a first-of-its-kind, fully-automated direct payment platform, ‘mooPay’, for dairy farmers for Rajasthan state. Delhi based Stellapps Technologies Pvt LTD is a first of its kind end-to-end dairy technology solutions company of India. It is also one of the technology pioneers of the World Economic Forum.

Points To Note

  • Stellapp’s MooPay for dairy farmers is a payment gateway where the dairy officials can transfer milk payments digitally to member farmers from the dairies’ existing bank account to farmers’ savings bank account.
  • Through MooPay Directly depositing payments in farmers’ bank accounts will help enhance farmer savings and will also build farmer loyalty to the dairy.
  • The payment gateway app will remove the risks and costs of transferring money in cash to hundreds of thousands of farmers in hundreds of villages.

MooPay launched by IIT Madras MooPay launched by IIT Madras