After a long tensions and water dispute between India and Pakistan, announced that, they are all set to hold their first meeting in 3-years of a “Permanent Indus Commission” on 22nd March 2021. The commission that deals with the water rights on the Indus River.

This Commission which was set up under the Indus Waters Treaty, 1960 will meet on 23rd and 24th March in New Delhi. The Permanent Indus Commission deals with the bilateral water issues and they will discuss the same during the meeting.

Agenda of the bilateral meeting

During the bilateral meeting, Pakistan will raise its objection on the technical designs of Pakal Dul of India and the Lower Kalnai hydroelectric plants. The talks also represent a thawing in the bilateral ties which was frozen since the suicide bombing in Indian Kashmir in 2019. The suicide bombing was blamed on Pakistan-based guerrillas. India’s decision to revoke the constitutional autonomy of Kashmir to bind it closer to India also opposed by Pakistan. But now the countries are making tentative efforts to re-engage and calm the borders since both the countries are struggling of the worst economic slowdown amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Permanent Indus Commission

The bilateral commission (Permanent Indus Commission) which comprises of the officials from India and Pakistan. This commission was created to implement and manage the goals and objectives. It also outlines the agenda of the Indus Waters Treaty.

Indus Waters Treaty

This water-distribution treaty in between India and Pakistan is backed by the World Bank. The Indus Waters Treaty provides for the provision of using the available water in the Indus River and its tributaries. It was signed by the former late Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru and President of Pakistan, Ayub Khan in Karachi on 19th September 1960. This Treaty provides control over the waters of three Eastern Rivers namely, Beas, Ravi and Sutlej.

Meeting of Permanent Indus Commission in New Delhi Meeting of Permanent Indus Commission in New Delhi