The State government of Maharashtra has launched a new initiative. The initiative is “Corona-free Village Competitions” which is an interesting route to ensure all Covid-19 precautionary norms are followed in villages of state.

About Corona-Free Village Competitions

Under this competitions, 3 villages will be selected in each revenue district on the basis of their good work and efforts in Covid-19 management. This competition is part of ‘My Village Corona Free’ initiative which was recently announced by CM, Uddhav Thackeray.

Revenue Divisions in Maharashtra

Under Corona-Free Village Competitions, 3 villages will be awarded prizes up to Rupees 50 lakh. This competition will encourage to take measures to curb spread of Covid-19. First prize is Rupees 50 lakh, second is Rupees 25 lakh and third is Rupees 15 lakh. There are a total of 6 revenue divisions in Maharashtra. Thus, 18 prizes will be given with total prize money of Rupees 5.4 crore.

Other benefits

The Winning villages will also get an additional amount equal to prize money as encouragement. This money will be utilised to do development works these villages.

Selection procedure villages

The Participating villages will be judged on the basis of 22 criteria by a committee set up for the purpose.

Maharashtra Launched Corona-Free Village Competitions Maharashtra Launched Corona-Free Village Competitions