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The Indian Navy has inducted an advanced anti-torpedo decoy system called ‘Maareech’. That is capable of being fired from all frontline Navy ships.
‘Maareech’ has been designed and developed indigenously by the DRDO.
Bharat Electronics Limited would undertake the production of this decoy system.

Anti Torpedo Decoy System

Modern torpedoes set their paths towards enemy warships by listening to low frequency signals generated by engines of warship.
Torpedoes are propelled by motors, which work for approximately 10-20 minutes.
After this torpedoes loss their speed and sink into ocean beds.

Anti torpedo decoy system detects and locates the incoming torpedo with the help of a SONAR and deploys multiple decoys to confuse incoming attack torpedo.


Maareech is an anti-torpedo system with towed and expendable decoys. It has has 4 functional units.

Hull Mounted SONAR

Towed Decoy and Winch System

Expendable Decoy

Display cum Processor Unit

Hull mounted sonar

Hull mounted sonar detects and locates incoming enemy torpedo. It send location and other parameter related to torpedo to processor unit.

Expendable Decoy

Multiple expandable decoys are launched by decoy launcher. These decoys generates low frequency signals identical to warship engine, which confuses torpedo about actual location of warship.

Towed Decoy and Winch System

Like expendable decoys every element of this array generate low frequency signals.

Display cum Processor Unit

Display cum processor unit receives the signal from hull mounted SONAR and towed array.
It directs winch system and expendable decoy launcher to launch decoys.

Working Principle

The expendable and towed decoys forces torpedo to move in circular path in search of warship. it helps in exhausting the energy of the torpedo by running the later through long and ineffective course and prevents them from homing in to the warship.

History of Induction

First Maareech ATDS system was handed over to the Indian Navy in November 2015 by the then defence minister late Mr. Manohar Parrikar.
Indian navy is currently using Maareech in INS Kolkata and INS Chennai destroyers of Indian Navy.

Recent Contract

The prototype of this system had successfully completed all user evaluation trials and demonstrated the features as per the Naval Staff Qualification Requirements.
After the successful trials, Indian Navy has ordered 11 more Maareech systems for different Warships.

Indigenous system and Atmanirbhar Bharat

Indian Navy said that Anti -Submarine warfare capability of the Indian Navy has received a major boost today with the conclusion of a contract for advanced torpedo decoy system Maareech capable of being fired from all frontline warships and it has also given a major fillip to the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and the country’s resolve to become ‘atmanirbhar’ (self-reliant) in niche technology

Make in India

Indian Navy is biggest contributor in ‘Make in India’ programme.
Indian shipbuilders have contributed hugely in indigenisation of Indian Navy by developing INS Vikrant , Kolkata class destroyers, Arihant class ballistic Nuclear submarines and Kavarati class corvettes etc.

Although India has achieved self sufficiency in manufacturing and development of almost all type of naval warships but for research and design we still heavily depend on Russian and French firms.
India should promote research and designing of modern naval ships by creating Universities as it created for research and development of Railways.

anti torpedo decoy system inducted by Indian Navy