Recently LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021 was published. The 2021 report focuses on the manner women perceive their opportunities. It also focuses on how gender gap is slowing down the career progress for working women in India in the midst of coronavirus.

  • According to the index, the coronavirus has hit the working women in India the most as compared to working women in other countries.
  • The LinkedIn Opportunity index maintains that, working women in India continue to battle strongest gender bias with respect to equal pay and opportunity across the Asia Pacific countries.
  • According to the report; about one in 5 women, which accounts for 22 per cent of the working women in India, is unhappy with the opportunities to advance in their career. These women said that, their companies are favourably biased towards men.
  • Further, 85 per cent of working women claim that they have missed out on raise, promotion, or work offer in India. While in Asia-Pacific region this figure stands at 60 per cent.
  • The report also highlights that, 37 per cent of working women in India get fewer opportunities than men.
  • Further, 37 per cent of the women are paid less than men.
  • LinkedIn’s findings further states that, women now seek the employers who treat them as equal. On the other hand, 56 per cent of the women look for recognition at work for their work. Other women wants that they get work as per their skills.

What hinders the career development?

In India, lack of required professional skills and lack of guidance through networks & connections are the barriers that hinders the career development for working women. Because of these barriers, the women are of the view that organisations should step up in order to provide maternity policies and other flexibility & developmental programmes. The women are also appreciating the telecommuting and work-from-home.

LinkedIn Opportunity Index 2021