Union Ministry of Sports has decided to extend “Khelo India Programme” nationwide from 2021-22 to 2025-26. Sports Ministry has also furnished Expenditure Finance Committee memorandum to Union Ministry of Finance to extend the annual event.

As per the memorandum to Finance Ministry, Rupees 8,750 crore has been estimated as a financial implication of new Khelo India Scheme. This programme is being extended after considering how this initiative has played a significant role in building a sporting culture nationwide.

Khelo India Initiative

The National initiative dor sports was launched by Central Government with the aim of building a sporting culture across the country. Khelo India Initiative plays a significant role in grassroots development of several sports over the years. It organises structured sports competition with the aim of encouraging mass participation from youth. Apart from that, it also focuses on building athletes who can win medal for India at Olympics. The event is organised annually in January month usually.


Khelo India Initiative will encourage the young athletes to prove their mettle on stage in upcoming edition on a large scale. It will play a significant role of building sporting culture in India in line with PM Modi’s idea of importance of sports.

First Edition of Khelo India

This initiative was held in Delhi and Second and third editions were held in Pune and Assam respectively. The Fourth edition will be held in Panchkula, Haryana after Tokyo Olympics.


This initiative was launched on the basis of Gujarat’s Khel Mahakumbh. Gujarat-based sporting event was initiated by Narendra Modi when he was Chief Minister of the state.

Khelo India Scheme extended till 2025-2026 Khelo India Scheme extended till 2025-2026