MSP: After new Farmers bill Kerala became the first Indian state to fix Minimum Support Price for 16 agriculture items. It consists of vegetables, fruits and tubers. Kerala Govt scheme is to support farmers and increase agriculture sector.

Kerala Plan

Phase I cover 16 different varieties of vegetables. There is also a condition to revise the Minimum Support Price on a regular basis. The Base Price will be 20 per cent more than production cost of vegetables. It will function in the same way as the MSP system. Local self government bodies will correlate the procurement and circulation of vegetables.

How are the crops procured?

The crops will be procured from Farmers through Vegetable and Fruits Promotion Council Keralam and Horticrop. All yields procured under the MSP scheme, will be sold under the brand name “Jeevani Kerala Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables”.

What is the plan of Govt in procuring Kharif crops?

  • There has been a record increase in the scope of kharif crops to 401 lakh hectares (99089257 acres) during 2020.
  • A bumper foodgrains production is also expected in 2020.
  • Farmers have worked hard during this Covid-19 period.
  • Government of India has pledged to procure their crops at MSP rates.
  • Central Government fixed Minimum Support Price for 25 notified crops and out of them, 14 crops are grown in the kharif season.  
  • Procurement of kharif crops begins from October 1.

In 2020, the Food Corporation of India and other state agencies are all set to procure a record quantity of 738,00,000 tonnes of paddy (497,00,000 tonnes in terms of rice) during the continuing kharif crop as against 627,00,000 tonnes of paddy in previous year.

Even procurement target has been kept higher at 125,00,000 bales for higher cotton production in 2020. Around Rs 35 thousand crore has been allotted for buying 125,00,000 bales of cotton at MSP. The other crops being procured under the Minimum Support Price system are pulses and oil seeds.

Kharif crops

  • Jowar
  • Maize (corn)
  • Millet.
  • Rice (paddy and deepwater rice)
  • Soybean.

Kerala First State to fix MSP for vegetables Kerala First State to fix MSP for vegetables