The Karnataka’s Horticulture Department will set up a flower processing centre in the collaboration with the International Flower Auction Bangalore. The flower processing centre will be set up in order to convert the unsold flowers into its useful products.

  • The centre will process the flowers and convert them into value-added products like floral arts, natural dyes, incense sticks, floral papers, floral embedded works, flower petal powder for cosmetic usage and silica-stored flowers.
  • The flower processing facility was needed because flower farmers are suffering with huge losses whenever there is market disruption.
  • Thus, with the establishment of this facility, the farmers can learn the art of flower processing from the flower processing centre.
  • This unit will be used to process all kinds of flowers.

Karnataka’s Biodiversity

  • The state comprises of rich diversity of flora and fauna. The total recorded forest area of the state is 38720 km2. It accounts for 20.19 per cent of the total geographical area of State.
  • The forest is home to 25 per cent of elephant population and 10 per cent of tiger population of India.
  • Western Ghats which is a biodiversity hotspot includes the region of western Karnataka.
  • The Talacauvery and Kudremukh are two clusters of western ghats in Karnataka finds its place in the tentative list of World Heritage Sites of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).
  • Indian roller is the state bird and Indian elephant is the state animal.
  • The Sandalwood is the state tree of the Karnataka.

Flower Production in the state

Lotus is the state flower. Karnataka is the leading state in floriculture. It accounts for 75 per cent of total flower production in India. Karnataka has highest area under modern cut flowers and it comprises of 40 flowers growing and exporting units. The Karnataka also has India’s first and only flower auction centre. It has 18,000 hectares of land under flower cultivation. It accounts for 14 per cent of total area under flower cultivation in India.

Karnataka to set up a Flower Processing Centre Karnataka to set up a Flower Processing Centre