NGT: National Green Tribunal granted environmental clearance to the Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project of Telangana on 20 Oct 2020. NGT has directed the Environment and Forest Ministry to form a Seven-member expert committee to suggest rehabilitation and relief measures.

About Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project

Kaleshwaram lift irrigation project is a multipurpose irrigation project on river Godavari. Kaleshwaram irrigation project begins at the meeting point of river Godavari (second longest river after the Ganga) and river pranahita (largest tributary of Godavari River). Irrigation project was initially called the pranahita chevella project. Later in 2014, it was renamed as  Kaleshwaram irrigation project .

Benefits of the Kaleshwaram project

  • Kaleshwaram project will bring irrigation and drinking water to the backward areas of Telangana state.
  • Project will help to restore the groundwater level. This is to be achieved by shifting the usage of ground water from irrigation towards usage of surface water for irrigation.
  • Kaleshwaram project will also support the bhagiratha mission and Kakatiya mission. Both missions aim to provide drinking water to villages inter-state. Missions will also boost the capacities of the storage tanks in in rural areas.

Kakatiya Mission

Kakatiya Mission is a flagship programme of the government of Telangana. Kakatiya mission aims to rejuvenate water storage structures in order to help small and marginal farmers in Telangana.

Bhagiratha Mission

Bhagiratha mission aims to provide safe drinking water to every household in both cities and villages inter-state. The aim of the scheme is to provide piped drinking water to 200,00,00 households in Telangana. Bhagiratha mission will fetch water from Godavari and Krishna river.

About Godavari river

Godavari is the second longest river in India after river Gange. The source of Godavari river is Maharashtra’s Trimbakeshwar. Godavari flows through Telangana-Maharashtra-Andhra Pradesh-Chhattisgarh-Odisha-Karnataka. The main tributaries of the Godavari are Pranahita, Sabari and Indravati river. The right tributaries of the Godavari are Manjira, Maner and Pravara river.

Kaleshwaram irrigation Project gets Environmental Clearance