Every year, World Oceans Day is celebrated by the United Nations on June 8. The Day is celebrated to remind people all over the world about the importance of oceans in everyday life. This year, the World Oceans Day is celebrated under the theme.
Theme: Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean
The World Oceans Day has been celebrated by many countries since 1992. The countries were celebrating the Day after the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development that was held in Rio de Janeiro.

However, the United Nations decided to celebrate the day in 2009.

The World Oceans Day is celebrated to make sure mankind is well aware of the importance of Ocean Literacy and Ocean Science and Policy

Ocean Science and Policy
According to the United Nations, in order to conserve and use the oceans sustainably, the following should be imbibed in the policies being framed

The policies should have up-to-date scientific knowledge
The policies should recognize the needs of the communities that are interacting with the oceans
The policies should be seen by the citizens as legitimate and trust worthy.
Sustainable Development Goals

The Goal 14 of the Sustainable Development Goals says, “Conserve and Sustainable use the oceans, marine resources and the seas”. Therefore, it is highly important to observe World Oceans Day to succeed the goal and create awareness about the importance of oceans.

We share One Ocean It provides the oxygen we breathe It feeds us, and regulates our climate Yet we barely understand its mysteries A million species could still wait to be discovered but human impacts are threatening the ocean’s fragile ecosystems and the benefits it provides us No single nation can solve these challenges Only by working together to build our scientific knowledge Can we hope to find the solutions we need to protect our shared Ocean The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of UNESCO is a global community that enables nations to work together To study the ocean and observe its changes To sustainably manage marine resources And to provide early warnings of hazards such as tsunamis Global efforts to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals depend on a healthy ocean So join us in making 2021-2030 The International Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development So together we can build the knowledge we need to protect and sustain The one Ocean that unites us all. June 8 World Oceans Day