Indian new UT Jammu & Kashmir and the UK based space agency have collaborate to work on a collaborative project on the impact-based flood forecasting.

Points To Note

  • The collaborative project is supported by the national space innovation programme.
  • The national space innovation programme is undertaken by HR Wallingford in association with the Oxford University, D-orbit and Sayers & Partners.
  • This move will help in predicting the fluvial flood risks with respect to the expected loss to life, infrastructure disruption, injuries that occurs to the people, building collapse, and other economic damage.
  • This move was taken by the administration because currently there is any effective impact-based flood forecasting mechanism in the union territory.
  • Further, bilateral international collaboration to set up the system is specific because it will help in analysing the past flood events.

Impact-based flood forecasting system

  • The system will also help in identifying the relationships between predicted floods and the impact of the flood.
  • It will predict the impact on people, their houses and crops & livestock.
  • This would help in mitigating the challenges that people face during flood.
  • It will also be useful in the efficient and effective contingency planning.
  • This system uses the earth observation based information. This makes the system capable of being linked to any existing or future flood flow forecasting system.

About Flood forecasting

It means the use of forecasted precipitation and streamflow data during the rainfall-runoff and streamflow. The mechanism is used to forecast the flow rates and water levels. It can forecast the details from a few hours to few days on the basis of the size of the watershed or river basin. Flood forecasting is an important component of flood warning.

J&K – UK Space Agency collaborate for Flood Forecasting J&K – UK Space Agency collaborate for Flood Forecasting